Bullied Boy At Florida School Commits Suicide. Is Florida School To Blame?

school bullying

The family of a middle school student who took his own life after going through years of bullying had reported the bullying and abuse to school officials on several occasions, the family’s lawyer said.

The startling claims made by the attorney for Lamar Hawkins III, the boy who committed suicide, came just days after the body was discovered in a bathroom inside the school.

The suicide also came shortly after the father of the boy reported his son being abused several times to the school.

The family’s lawyer said that the bullying had been reported just the week before.

Even though the father tried to protect his son from bullying, which involved moving the whole family from NY to Florida, the bullying continued and the school did not put an end to it.

Police said the mother of the boy went to go and get her son at school around 5 on Wednesday, but she could not find him there or at their family him. She then reported him missing at around 7.

After a long search in the school and neighborhood, his body was recovered about four hours after the search started in a bathroom stall with a gunshot wound to his, said the police.

A spokesperson for the sheriff said there had not been any reports of bullying filed by the student or by the family of the young student. It was not known to the sheriff’s office whether the family had reported the bullying to the school.

A police officer said that they are looking into everything that could have contributed to this tragedy. The police was interviewing the school officials and students at the school. Because Lamar was a very small child, he was often a target of bullying.

Panther Showing Up More Around The State Of Florida

The Florida Panther is being spotted more across more of the state of Florida.


State biologists have reported panther tracks in Polk County, as well as all throughout southwest Florida. In years past, panthers have been seen or photographed near Haines City and Avon Park, and they’ve even been spotted in developments near the city of Naples. It’s incredible that the panther is showing up in so many parts of the state, but residents don’t need to be worried. It’s extremely rare for a panther to attack a human being. However, a panther was hurt when it ran into a vehicle near Fort Meade.

Officials declared panthers as an endangered species in 1973. The more common sights are a good signs that the recovery effort is working. There has been a new program launched by the Conservancy of Southwest Florida and the Naples Zoo, and the intent of the panther research program is to more precisely understand the animals. It is believed that about 150 panthers live in the state of Florida, but their numbers are growing even though their habit is shrinking. Cars killed about 75 of them in the past five years alone, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission provided the statistic.

Florida panthers increase is a good thing, because this species was at risk of disappearance. It is now a lot more common to see them than in years past, but it is still extremely rare to catch sight of one in person. In other words, 150 panthers in a state the size of Florida are not going to be seen all that often, but it is promising that more of them are showing up. If you’ve never seen one in person, consider yourself fortunate to catch sight of one.